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About Us

Beststart HR grew out of our founding Directors' desire to see HR live up to its full potential and deliver on its commercial, strategic, and transformative possibilities. Since 2007 we have worked with hundreds of businesses, schools and not-for-profit organisations who see investment in HR as a strategic advantage, rather than just a tool to solve employee problems as and when they arise.

Our strong values underpin our attitude to HR consultancy and our career in human resources; our approach to you as our client, partner or supplier and to each other as a team; and how we aspire to be the best HR consultancy for you and your organisation.

Our promise to you is we will uphold our values below.

Attitude – “have the right mindset, be devoted and daring”


  • Have energy and drive
  • When the going gets tough, persevere whilst maintaining standards
  • Love doing HR and believe in its value


  • Be flexible to try something new
  • Admit mistakes and learn from them
  • ‘Grasp the nettle’
  • Be curious and want to understand fully the situation

Approach – “do things well, communicate and look beyond the here and now”


  • Do what you say you will do, when you say you will do it
  • Be open-minded
  • Know your skillset and draw on the talent around you when appropriate

Forward Thinking

  • ‘There is more than one way to skin a cat’ - look beyond the obvious and be prepared to challenge the norms
  • Don’t accept ‘this is the way we always have done it’, if you can improve upon it
  • Apply what you know to solve what you don’t know

Aspire – “get a great result and want to be the best and be part of the best”

Developing Excellence

  • Be keen to master new skills, stretching yourself
  • Be in charge of your destiny and want to reach your full potential
  • Deliver and, where possible, exceed

One Team

  • Be positive and encourage others to be too
  • ‘What goes around, comes around’ - support colleagues and they will support you
  • You are here for a reason - you have a part to play in our clients' and Beststart’s success
  • ‘The whole is greater than the sum of its parts’ - work together for the best results



‘Your action oriented, professional, collaborative style and can do attitude has been a pleasure for us all to work with’

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