why beststart

Why beststart

quality and value
Our clients are varied and demanding and see beststart as synonymous with quality and value.  Quick resolution to issues is driven by our HR Specialists’ extensive experience and business acumen.

robust service
A client-dedicated HR Specialist can draw on the support of our team of HR generalists, who additionally all have specific HR expertise.  The culmination is a flexible resource that ensures continuity of service and depth of expertise across all areas of HR – without the commensurate price tag.

commercial and results-based
Our high calibre HR Specialists deliver innovative human resources to meet commercial goals and minimise the risk of employment claims.  Versatility with a good command of current employment law is a prerequisite to successfully balancing within the law your business needs and treating employees fairly.

remove barriers to reach your goal
We remove barriers rather than create them.  At the outset, we ascertain what management wants to achieve.  We present the alternative courses of actions and their associated risks so our clients understand the full picture to make the right decision for them.

knowledge and independence
Our Specialists are trusted advisers to our clients’ senior management gained through their knowledge and integrity – we become part of your team.  However, remaining independent means employees and management see us as objective, often achieving results more quickly.

flexibility – HR should not be seen as a cost
The client remains in control of costs with a direct linkage between spend and delivered tangible results.  There is no insistence on lengthy retainers and we are equally happy working on ad hoc projects.  Where clients opt for ongoing HR support, hours can flex to suit business needs.