Since the rollout of Auto Enrolment back in October 2012, Beststart HR have been fully engaged with the process, having successfully worked alongside many of our clients and partners.  As we pass the 3 year anniversary, all the evidence suggests that the Government aim of getting more employees paying into a pension scheme is working, although there is still a long way to go.

Figures released by The Pensions Regulator this autumn show that an average of 58 employers a day have signed up over the past three years, with predictions of this growing to 2,000 employers a day between now and the cut-off in 2018.  It is also estimated that 1.8 million SMEs over the next 3 years are still to act as a result of their duties with Auto Enrolment.

Here at Beststart HR, although the legislation has sometimes appeared complex in terms of employers’ duties, we have definitely seen an increase in awareness among both our clients and partners and in general, a positive reception to the new pensions process.  For many of our clients, a key aspect of rolling out Auto Enrolment within their workplace has been getting the message across to employees – a concrete communications plan early on in the project can save much stress, anxiety and ‘question asking’ further down the line.  We have a number of communication packages and resources to help clients manage Auto Enrolment with ease.

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