Employment Contract and Policies

HR Foundations is HR Documentation for Small Companies

This package is typically for companies with up to 9 employees and contains:

  • An offer letter, to help get your first employees on board.
  • A contract template, tailored to your requirements, that can be used for any number of employees.
  • All policies that you are required to have written down by law, namely an Equal Opportunities Policy; Grievance Policy; Disciplinary Policy; No Smoking Policy and a Health & Safety Policy (ours is for office-based staff only)

‘The wise man built his house upon the rock’, and senior business management require sound foundations underpinning their organisation. Our HR contract and policies for small companies does exactly that, giving you the protection and confidence should you ever have to weather an HR storm.
If you also require other types of employment contract, for example, a part-time employment contract, fixed-term employment contract or zero hours employment contract template and/or an employee handbook, please see our HR documents for larger companies, typically with 10 or more employees.