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Our Free HR Audit allows us to get to understand and know your business

Anita Wynne, Beststart’s CEO, explains, “Our free HR Audit is for companies employing more than 20 people. It provides a comprehensive review of all of a company’s HR documents and HR practices culminating in a written report – a HR ‘road map’ so to speak for Senior Management to use.”

The results of the HR Audit allows businesses to see just where their HR stands and most importantly, what could be implemented to take their business forward. Beststart HR then draws up a timetabled list of priorities that can be presented back to the Senior Management Team.

Anita Wynne continues to explain, “We will then, alongside the Management Team, help them to design people processes that have the business’ goals in mind and look to differentiate their business from its competitors.”

Dafydd Wynne, Beststart’s COO, points out, “Unlike HR advisory helplines and Solicitors, we embed processes into our clients’ businesses so they can realise the benefits quickly and critically, our HR Consultants will never tell them what they cannot do. We will always discuss the options available to our clients and the risks for their company associated with each option. Our job is to guide them to the best possible action for their business, and to date, we have been extremely successful achieving this.”

How the Free HR Audit Works in Practice

One of Beststart HR’s Consultants gathers information on your HR practices and procedures and your organisation’s plans during a meeting at a mutually convenient location.

Where logistically possible, face to face is our preferred method for HR Audits as it quickly builds trust and rapport.

If an onsite visit to perform a HR Audit is not possible or viable, a telephone conversation would be used to gather the information for the HR Audit.

In addition, an organisation needs to send soft copies of their Written Statement of Employment template and employee handbook, or HR policies and procedures where written down, to enable the document review to take place separately from the HR Audit. This maximises the time in the face to face HR Audit meeting for our HR Consultants to probe and glean as much information as possible to really get the best understanding of the unique HR challenges facing your organisation.


The HR Audit allows a fuller understanding of the HR issues in context and consequently allows informed quotations based on a good working knowledge rather than solely on a set of assumptions.

It ensures HR is correctly implemented and gives the Board and Management confidence.

Senior Management time is utilised to best effect for the organisation e.g. focused on more strategic thinking.