Free HR Audit

A HR Audit Is A Review Of All HR Documentation And Procedures And Policies

Our HR Audit is a review of all the HR documentation and procedures and policies across your organisation to assess compliance and consequently, where you might be at potential risk of an employment claim.

It includes a detailed review of your existing HR practices: the way you recruit, appoint and manage your employees.

For any employer, the impact of getting employment law wrong can be costly and therefore, having the right compliant and workable documentation and procedures and policies in place will save you both time and money.

Our HR Audit provides you with a comprehensive overview of all your HR documents, practices and legal compliance culminating in a written report which acts as a road-map for your Senior Management.

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What Are The Benefits Of A HR Audit?

  1. Our HR Audit allows you to understand organisational risk from an employment perspective, identifying gaps in your HR compliance.
  2. The resulting report lets your Senior Management see, based on a Red, Amber, Green (RAG) report, those areas that are most at risk and therefore need immediate attention.
  3. We can work with you to draw up an agreed action plan of priorities to address any gaps and help you plan for the future.
  4. Unlike advisory helplines, we can embed processes so that you can realise the benefits of our work quickly.

Examples Of HR Audit Recommendations

  1. Updating and amending your Contracts of Employment  and company Employee Handbook to protect your Intellectual Property Rights or include restricted covenants, for example.
  2. Helping identify and address Training and Development needs. An example might be to ensure your Managers consistently apply your policies.
  3. Depending on your organisation’s situation, our HR Audit can look forward a number of years and cover:
    • succession planning
    • growth plans
    • approach to flexible working
    • preparing for acquistion or exit
    • recruitment and retention
    • remuneration and reward

Who Carries Out Your HR Audit

One of our experienced HR Consultants will carry out your HR Audit, bringing an expert eye to review how your organisation and people management combine. Our HR Audit is comprehensive – it is far more than a ‘tick box’ exercise that serves little purpose and offers minimal, if any, protection to you as an employer.

How Our HR Audit Works In Practice

  • One of Beststart HR’s Consultants gathers information about your HR practices and procedures and your organisation’s plans during a meeting, at a mutually convenient location and time.
  • Where logistically possible, face to face is our preferred method for HR Audits as it quickly builds trust and rapport.
  • If an onsite visit to perform a HR Audit is not possible or viable, a telephone conversation will be used to gather the information for the HR Audit.
  • To maximise our meeting time, you will ideally need to send us soft copies of your Contracts of Employment template’s and employee handbook or HR policies and procedures. This will enable us to undertake the document review which can then be separate from the HR Audit meeting.
  • We then use the resulting information to prepare a detailed report which we present back to you and your Senior Management Team.
  • Finally, irrespective of whether you engage our services or not, the resulting report is yours to keep.

Which Organisation Benefit Most From A HR Audit?

Organisations employing 20 or more people benefit from our Free HR Audit. If you would like to speak to one of our team please call us on 01438 747747 or simply register your interest by clicking on the button below.