In this edition

  • Unemployment is at an 11-year low and good candidates are in high demand. On top of this pressure, employers need tools to ensure the good candidates also have the right traits to fit their organisation
  • What is the new legislation on Apprenticeship Levy and Gender Pay Gap all about, and does it impact you?
  • Legal News
    • We shed some light on treatment of benefits for mothers on maternity leave
    • Legal Case – a defining case in the debate surrounding employee, worker and self-employment status
  • Brexit is constantly in the news – Fragomen Worldwide, immigration lawyers, give guidance on your EU workforce
  • Modern technology – blessing or curse? If your employees are answering too many emails outside of work hours, could this ultimately contribute to a claim for work-related stress?
  • Beststart Assured – Employment Tribunal Insurance in association with Irwin Mitchell Solicitors

HR Heads Up is Beststart Human Resources’ publication, which builds into a quick reference library to act as a starting point to direct owners and managers of any small or medium sized business/not-for-profit organisation on where to begin to tackle HR issues in a constructive and correct manner.

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Heads Up – March 2017, Volume. 10, Issue. 1