In this edition
  • Sexual harassment in the film industry and Parliament has been grabbing the headlines but in an ‘everyday’ workplace do you know what constitutes sexual harassment?
  • We can help you comply with your obligations under The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) relating to your employees
  • Legal News
    • GDPR – less than 6 months to comply – what you should be doing now from an HR stance
    • Legal Case – are your procedures up to date and specific for your business environment?
  • There are telling signs that might signal to you that you need external HR help -10 reasons organisations with 50 or more employees need HR consultancy
  • Beststart HR Case Study – A performance management process that integrates business competencies
  • Beststart Referral Programme – don’t keep us a secret
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HR Heads Up – December 2017 issue (Volume 10 Issue 5)