In many organisations, HR often becomes transactional and mundane, decoupled from the strategy of the business. We created our Productivity Wheel to show you how a structured approach to your people management can link back to your strategy. 

Dependent upon where you are on your HR journey, you may need to start at the beginning; however, most companies will usually enter the wheel at a particular point, and we will work with them to ‘fill the gaps’.

In this special edition

  • We introduce how our HR services combine to drive your business’ performance and how, through a coordinated approach to people management, we can make a tangible difference to your turnover and profit
  • We discuss why:
    • an SME should start to plan and consider their HR strategy; and
    • why having written Job Descriptions and Personal Specifications are so important
  • Our Case Study explores how to come up with your company’s Values.  Sounds easy but if starting with a blank piece of paper, it can prove tricky to crystalise just what they are and even trickier to bring them to life throughout the whole of your company
To download and read this edition of HR Heads Up click on the link below:

HR Heads Up – April 2018 issue (Volume 11 Issue 1)