We created our Productivity Wheel to show you how a structured approach to your people management can link back to your strategy.

To complement this, we have overhauled the look and feel of HR Heads Up:

  • Article headings have a colour coding to indicate where they fit into the Productivity Wheel e.g. in this edition we focus on Wellbeing, the purple segment of the Wheel
  • We bring to life a specific HR element of one of the Wheel’s segments with a case study to show you how our brand of HR could make a difference in your organisation. We highlight our Stress and Resilience Workshops and their part in wellbeing
  • There is a noteworthy employment case. In this issue it concerns one of the most controversial employment law cases of 2018 regarding a ‘sleep-in’ care worker and their entitlement to the National Minimum Wage
  • To top it off, we ensure you are informed of topical developments in employment. In this edition, our friends at Fragomen Worldwide give useful advice on how to keep on track with preparing for Brexit despite the political impasse

To view our latest edition of HR Heads Up click on the link below

HR Heads Up – May 2019 issue (Volume 12 Issue 2)