HR Solutions

A HR Solution is a recommendation or series of recommendations which can be implemented to solve an organisations’ HR question or problem. Depending upon its complexity, a HR solution can require few or many resources.

To get the best HR Solution, the problem faced by an organisation has to be fully understood. At Beststart we always start by seeking to fully understand the context of a problem by getting to know the drivers and dynamics of a business. Do they employ full or part-time staff, or a mix? Is there a need for, and use of, contract staff and workers. Our HR Consultants invest time to get to know your organisation to deliver innovative human resources that are commercial and results-focused.

One of the ways we go about delivering the right HR Solution is through our HR Audit. The HR Audit is a free service to organisations employing 20 or more people and provides a comprehensive review of all of an organisation’s HR documents and HR practices, culminating in a written report. From the HR needs and goals reviewed in the written report, a series of HR solutions can be prepared based on the risks identified and recommendations made.

What are benefits of using a consultancy to implement a HR Solution?

Dependent upon the risks identified and policies and practices in place within an organisation, the use of a HR Consultancy to develop, implement and embed a HR Solution has many benefits:

  • Our HR solutions are tailored to your business’ needs whether this means delivering a one-off specialist project or a managed retained service.

  • Our independence and neutrality enables us to deal with problems fairly and openly without our objectivity being clouded by company politics or the emotions of a situation.

  • The breadth and depth of knowledge across our team of HR Consultants leads to the right HR solution. The best resources can be drawn on as and when required to meet both the needs of the organisation and required speed of delivery.

  • Given the complexity of the workplace environment, today’s Managers are expected to successfully combine their management of their team with carrying out the day job. It is therefore imperative that the right HR solution is offered to enhance the organisation’s operational performance. Unlike advisory and legal helplines, we recommend, implement and embed our HR solutions into your organisation’s daily practices.

  • Our hands-on approach to deliver effective HR solutions means that even the most complex issues can be dealt with swiftly and effectively.

What are the types of HR Solutions available and which one is most appropriate?

We offer a full range of HR solutions covering all areas of HR:

  • HR documentation including employee handbooks, employment contracts and policies.

  • HR support and advice in the form of telephone, email and hands-on guidance to implement and embed guidance provided.

  • A fully outsourced HR Department service.

  • Projects and specialist interventions covering disciplinary, grievance, dismissal, performance management, psychometric testing, redundancies, and restructures including TUPE.

  • Bespoke training & development, coaching, mentoring and a HR Buddy solution (a mentoring programme that allows your in-house HR to grow and develop with the role, tackling more complex issues as they progress until they have the skills and confidence that the organisation requires).

  • Workplace Mediation to address workplace conflict.

  • Career frameworks including remuneration, pay and reward packages.

We can also draw on a strong partner network offering a range of business solutions including Legal, Financial and Payroll Services, Health & Safety, Visas & Immigration and Occupational Health.

Whom is this best suited for?

Our HR Solutions are tailored to an organisation’s needs and no one solution is ever the same. We will never offer an off-the-shelf solution or packaged service that is totally inappropriate to your needs.

Whether you are an SME or corporate institution, not-for-profit, educational organisation or Limited Liability Partnerships, our HR solutions are designed specifically to meet your every need.

For further information on our range of HR Solutions, please email or call 01438 747 747.