Mediation Services

Mediation at Work

‘87.5% of parties who engaged with an external mediator… reached a mediated agreement and were highly satisfied.’ Margaret Boucher, Erwin Boucher Professional Solutions & Queens University.

As an alternative to services provided by organisations like ACAS and TCM, we offer organisations mediation for employees to resolve conflict.

Disputes in the workplace kill productivity, often lead to costly grievances and can be a major factor in staff turnover. Our qualified workplace mediators can resolve issues before they turn into grievances and keep organisations moving forward.

One key advantage of the mediation process is the swift resolution of conflict, with the vast majority of conflicts being resolved within the space of a day, even in instances when the dispute has been long running. Our mediation package is designed with this in mind, and includes the following:

  • an initial telephone conversation with the parties to discuss the benefits of mediation
  • a mediation process over one full day using a mixture of individual and joint meetings
  • an agreed action plan
  • a follow up call 3 months post mediation

For businesses who are already confident of the effectiveness of workplace mediation, we can also design conflict resolution policies that build mediation into the structure of your organisation, making it the go-to solution and reducing formal procedures.

See our FAQs about mediation and mediation case study.