Other Sectors

We service many other sectors too

Our HR Consultants’ breadth of knowledge and experience covers many sectors of industry

Clients include those from Engineering and Manufacturing, Sub-contract and Supply Services, IT, Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Distribution operations as well as Charities and those involved in the third sector including Not-for-Profit Organisations, Charitable Societies and Associations.

Our work for them includes managing the day to day HR function and implementing specific HR projects.

Being available to handle disciplinary and grievance cases to ensure the swift and fair resolution of employee-related issues is critical in industries where there is continual pressure to keep costs down. The growing use of mediation services to resolve workplace conflict is importance in sectors where working together in close-knit teams is vital to the business’ success.

Assisting in benchmarking exercises to help attract and retain talent, as well as developing pay and reward schemes to keep them long into the future, have helped our clients thrive and grow.

Where an organisations’ performance to deliver an efficient service is impinged upon by, for example, technology or competitor activity, we have helped implement redundancies, restructures, and TUPE projects. By ensuring a smooth and efficient transition in what would otherwise be a turbulent time has given the organisations’ management the time to put corrective plans in place, ensuring their future survival.